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Come see how to make the kind of Cocktails that Homeboy Bar are best known for. Homeboy is all about Modern Irish Hospitality. That warm hospitality  Ireland is known for paired with the skill and knowledge of the best  cocktails bars in the world. Some of your favourites and drinks created  by owner Aaron Wall, responsible for the bars awarded Top 10 (2017) and  Top 4 (2018) best cocktail bars in the world.  

We use different methods to come up with our creative cocktails here in Homeboy. We will show you how you to twist classic with house hold ingredients, show you how we complement or contrast some of the notes in some of our favorite spirits and give you examples of how you can take inspiration from anywhere as long as you have the tips and tricks.   


  • You’ll receive a cocktail on arrival while you meet and greet your bartender. 
  • Your bartender will demonstrate to you how to make 3 cocktails 
  • You’ll learn tips, secrets, history about cocktails, spirits and ingredients 
  • Groups below 10 maybe paired with other small groups 
  • Tailor your class here